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About Dan Kury

Dan Kury is a professional recording & sound engineer, producer, arranger and musician. He has extensive experience in many genres of music including classical, jazz,

a cappella, gospel, rock and country.


Dan designs and installs sound systems for houses of worship, theaters, schools, auditoriums and other venues.

He also provides training by appointment for those who want to learn more about sound and recording. 


Contact Dan 

Bill Lenihan

Professor of Music, Washington University 

"Dan Kury’s work is second to none. I work with sound engineers across the world on some very big stages and theaters and I am always delighted in St. Louis when Dan is running the sound. Not only does he have a fantastic ear for quality of sound, mix, he is also a very good musician himself.  Dan is the best."

Jay Oliver


(Sheryl CrowThe EaglesJimmy Buffett, Celine Dion)


"There aren’t many people in the world that have a “sixth-sense”; a see-through vision into every aspect of a performance...  

There aren’t many people that possess the extraordinarily wide range of disciplines critical in making or breaking the success of any performance or recording...

There aren’t many people who can tell you the details of the available power in a hall or studio, or the acoustics... or the pitch of the air conditioner compressor... and how to filter that out... or that the 2nd clarinetist is slightly flat, or which ... microphones or preamps will be best for the particular application. 


And then, very very few of those people ALSO have the ability to seamlessly employ cutting-edge post production techniques, whether a slight tweak, or corrective surgery... and then, through years of audio engineering and mixing experience, deliver a final product that is top-notch and professional in every way.


There is one person who can do all of this. And it doesn’t get much better than this.


This person, is Dan Kury. 

After spending 25 years in Los Angeles, working with the best of the best in the industry, I can still say this about my friend Dan Kury, who, btw, was the very person who first taught me about recording!"

Dr. Jim Henry

Professor of Choral Studies at Univerity of Missouri St. Louis and director of The Ambassadors of Harmony

"I have known and worked with Dan Kury for almost 3 decades. For me he has recorded everything from solos, to small vocal ensembles, to a chorus of 120 men. I have observed him in action as a studio engineer and as the sound person for live concerts. I marvel at his encyclopedic knowledge of all things audio, but, more than that, I appreciate how Dan has always gone out of his way to make me part of the process and to ensure that I am happy with the final product. He has become more than an engineer, he is a friend."

Wendy Lea

Conductor Metropolitan Orchestra of St. Louis

(From an email to Dan) "I want to express my deepest gratitude for your artistry. From my first project with you.. recording string quartets, now to audio and video for the Metropolitan Orchestra of Saint Louis concerts, your work is exquisite. I am always impressed with your attention to the smallest detail. Not many are able to listen with such care and bring out the best in a performance. You are truly a gem!"

Jason Johnson

Conductor at 20th Century Fox Hollywood California

Jason writes.... Dan, Here is the video of me conducting "On Golden Pond" with a 40 piece orchestra for Dabney Coleman. I took your great arrangement and had my orchestrator, Elizabeth Finch orchestrate it. We turned it around overnight and rehearsed it once before performing it. Dabney was incredibly moved as you will hear when he gives his speech at the end. It was an incredible gift that he will never forget. This would not have been possible without your arrangement. I'm so glad I stumbled on your website and found you. Even more, I am really thankful that you agreed to let me use it and got the files to me so quickly! I am so grateful. You were a very important part of this. Thank you so much, Dan! I hope you are well, Jason Johnson

Ralph Towner

American multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and bandleader

(Speaking to Bill Lenihan after his performance at Washington University, Feb. 2017, recorded by Dan Kury) "... the sound production was the best [I have] ever experienced 'ever' in a concert of [mine]. [I have} played the biggest halls in the world - Paris, Rome, London, Buenos Aires, Carnegie Hall, etc. and clubs all over the world."

Danny DuMaine

Pianist, Composer, Bandleader, Choir Director, St. Alphonsus, "Rock" Church

"Dan Kury is simply the BEST!! His knowledge, skill and ability to adapt is remarkable. It's like he can read your mind. He knows exactly what to do in order to enhance your vision! No matter what style of music, there are no limits to his skills. He is simply the BEST!!"

Alvin Zamudio

Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Artist

"There is not a single person on this earth that has taught me more about the beauty and mastery of sound than Dan Kury. Without his gifted presence in my life for so many years, always so patiently teaching me and supporting me whenever I faced an audio, musical or technical challenge or just sharing something new he learned or discovered, I can honestly say that I would NOT be where I am today in my profession. I truly owe MOST of my creative success in music production to Dan and I am forever indebted to him for his rare talents and abilities, and the great knowledge he has that comes from them which he has so willingly imparted to me."

Rick Zelle

Pianist, Composer, Piano Teacher, Webster University

"I have never met a more talented, kind, passionate, dedicated musician, audio/video engineer/producer than Dan Kury."

Vince Clark

Bassist, Bandleader

"Dan Kury has provided first class sound and lighting services for various events for my clients. I found Dan to be very professional, timely and flexible in his services. The equipment he uses is state of the art and first class. He can make large or small events sound and feel as if one were having a personal concert. I highly recommend Dan Kury for all your sound and lighting needs for your next event."



President Ronald Reagan

President William Clinton

Sheryl Crow, singer/songwriter

Jason Johnson, conductor 20th Century Fox, Hollywood Ca. 

Bill Lenihan, Professor of Music at Washington University

City of Ballwin

City of Brentwood

City of Bridgeton

City of Chesterfield

City of Clayton

City of Creve Coeur

City of Des Peres

City of Ellisville

City of Eureka

City of Florissant

City of Hazelwood

City of Manchester

City of Maplewood

City of O'Fallon

City of St. Peters

City of Sunset Hills

Pat Joyce, Pianist

Herb Drury Pianist

St. Louis Symphony

Laclede Quartet

Jay Oliver, songwriter, arranger, producer, musician

Tom Kennedy, bass player

Dave Weckl, drummer 

Rick Zelle, pianist 

Frederick Moyer, concert pianist

Peter Mayer, guitarist for Jimmy Buffett

Don Drewett, drummer

Jay Hungerford, bass player

Diane Shur, singer GRP records

Chris Walters, Music Director for Barbara Mandrell

Dr. Jim Henry, Director of the Ambassadors of Harmony, Professor of Music, University of Missouri St. Louis 

Ambiance, Sweet Adelines World Champion quartet 

Vocal Spectrum, World Champion quartet

Gary Garritan, musical instrument sample library developer 

Jack Cannon, Composer

Boom, Danny DuMaine

Trilogy Band, Bill Grosch

Charles Glenn Band 

Metropolitan Orchestra of St. Louis, Wendy Lea, director 

Drum Headquarters, Rob Bierenbaum

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